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Process in a nutshell

Submitting a Proposal 

  1. Once you've decided to which funder you will apply, contact the grants staff OR complete the grant approval form.  Grants staff read the grant program guidelines to determine if there are institutional obligations associated with the grant program.  If there are, we advise Academic Affairs of what is involved.
  2. Academic Affairs decides if they can commit to the obligations, if any.
  3. Upon approval from Academic Affairs, you have the green light to proceed with preparing your grant proposal.
  4. Grants staff assist and advise along the way.
  5. When your proposal narrative (the main body of the proposal) and the project budget is nearly complete, grants staff circulate those documents to the Business Office and Academic Affairs for their review and approval.
  6. Upon approval from both the Business Office and Academic Affairs, we work with you to submit your proposal, whether it is through paper or electronic means. 
  7. Cross fingers and wait.  Sometimes it's a long wait.  It can be from a few weeks to six months or longer.

Upon Notification

If it's a YES!, celebrate!

  1. Notify grants office staff.
  2. Read the reviewer comments, grant contact and terms carefully.  Note the conditions and due dates for reports to the funder.
  3. Work with Grants Staff and Business Office staff on post-award administration of your grant. 

If it's a NO, do not be discouraged.  "Failure is not falling down, it is refusing to get up again."  -- Chinese Proverb

  1. Repeat to yourself five times:  "Grantseeking is a learned skill."  You will get better with practice.
  2. If the funder makes reviewer comments available, carefully read them for insights into whether it makes better sense to resubmit to the same grant program or seek funding from a different grant program.  Grants staff are here to help you make sense of the comments and suggest how you can strengthen your next proposal.
  3. Try again!