Environmental Graduate Programs

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Environmental Law

Environmental Law programs train students in dealing with environmental laws and regulations and the local, national and international level.

  • Types of Environmental Law Jobs:
    • Environmental Lawyer
    • Non Profit Legal Services
    • Environmental Lobbyist
    • Environmental Protection Specialist

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Programs in Environmental Law:

Environmental Education

Environmental Education programs focus on preparing graduates for teaching in public and private institutions.

  • Types of Environmental Education Jobs:
    • Naturalist
    • Outdoor Education Specialist
    • Environmental Educator
    • Professor
    • Eco-Tourism

Programs in Environmental Education:

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy programs focus on the development, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of environmental policy for public, private and non-profit agencies.

  • Types of Environmental Policy Jobs:
    • Public Policy Analyst
    • Land Use Planning
    • Transportation Planning
    • Non-Profit Management
    • Environmental Law

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Programs in Environmental Policy:

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics programs focus on the application of economic principles with regards to the environment. Most programs have focus on sub disciplines like agricultural economics or development economics.

  • Types of Environmental Economics Jobs:
    • Environmental Consulting
    • Natural Resources Economist
    • Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Planning

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Programs in Environmental Economics:

Environmental Science

Environmental Science programs deal with the ecological aspect of environmental issues.

  • Types of Environmental Science Jobs:
    • Toxicologist
    • Geologist
    • Environmental Protection Agency Research
    • Ecologist
    • Forestry Technician

Programs in Environmental Science:

Environmental Design

Environmental Design focuses on the design of building and communities in ways that are sustainable and environmentally safe.

  • Types of Environmental Design Jobs:
    • Environmental Architecture
    • Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Engineering

Programs in Environmental Design:

Environmental Journalism

Environmental Journalism focuses on the communication of a specific environmental or scientific message for news agencies, organizations , or government agencies

  • Types of Environmental Journalism Jobs:
    • Environmental Writer
    • Communication Design

Programs in Environmental Journalism:

Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology examines the relationship between a human's natural environment and their well being.

  • Types of Environmental Psychology Jobs:
    • Urban Planning
    • Eco-Psychology
    • Environmental Health Research

Programs in Environmental Psychology:

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology focuses on the application of conservation principles to biological and natural ecosystems

  • Types of Conservation Biology Jobs:
    • Wildlife Management
    • Resource Management
    • Forestry Technician
    • Zoology

Programs in Conservation Biology: