Information for Prospective Students

Environmental Studies students have positive things to say regarding the major. As you can see, they use many words to describe the program that make it an attractive major. There are a number of students who are eager to describe their experiences, so read their interviews below to learn what makes the Environmental Studies program special.

What are students saying?

Recent Student Profiles


morgan durbinMorgan Durbin ('18)

"Give yourself the opportunity to learn about environmental issues that you might not otherwise. Sustainability and the environment is complex, and you will be able to explore those connections as an Environmental Studies major." See what else Morgan has to say!



Skylar PeytonSkylar Peyton ('18)

"Take classes that make you uncomfortable, meet a porcupine if you can, and don't be afraid to walk into your professor's offices." See what else Skylar has to say!



Hudson EchelardHudson Echelard('18)

"Get involved. Getting involved and staying involved is just as important as getting good grades!" See what else Hudson has to say!



Jaden Bjorklund ('19)

"Be open minded and try to learn as much as possible. Get to know the professors because they will lead you towards success." See what else Jaden has to say!


Libby Ames ('19)

"My goal coming into college was to find something that I was passionate about, and I have found that in studying environmental issues." See what else Libby has to say!

zach fritz

Zachary Fritz ('19)

"I was able to develop extremely valuable skills that I can apply to future internships or jobs." See what else Zach has to say!

Older Student Profiles

Madi SundlofMadi Sundlof ('16)

"By the end of the second week, I had learned more than I had in most of my other classes combined." See what else Madi has to say.



Preston ZimneyPreston Zimney ('16)

"Go to class with an open mind and ready to take notes, because I feel the information you will learn is really interesting!"  See what else Preston has to say!


Tyler Thompson   Tyler Thompson ('16)

"It is really personable being able to call your professors by their first name!"  See what else Tyler has to say.



steven Steven Pignato ('15)

"I would suggest choosing environmental studies courses that also fulfill common curriculum requirements." See what else Steven has to say.


Erin Medevecz

 Erin Medvecz ('15)

"Don't be afraid to take a minor that also interests you!" See what else Erin has to say.


ashleighAshleigh Walter ('15)

"It is 100% okay to be undecided; do not feel pressure to pick a major right away--make sure it feels right to you." See what else Ashleigh has to say.