Begin web based training

Read the instructions first. 

  • To self-register, click on the link for "New Student Registration"
  • Select your organization from the "Select a Company" drop-down menu (CSB, CSB/SJU Joint, OSB, SJU... etc.) If you ONLY need the Decision Driving Course, select "Decision Driving" as your company, and "DDC" for location and department.
  • Select your correct location and department (where you are employed) from the drop-down menus.
  • Enter username: First name initial and last name. For example: Jdoe for John Doe.
  • Enter password: Your password is your nine digit employee/student ID (Banner #)
  • Click "Create User"
  • Click "Continue" to begin your training course(s).

This brings you to the course selection screen. You should see the course(s) you are assigned to take. If you do not, or if you feel the assigned courses are in error, check with your supervisor, then contact program administrator Ganard Orionzi at CSB x5277, SJU x3267, or via email Use program navigation features to reach a program administrator with questions related to course contents, institutional procedures/application, or to submit course evaluation.

REMINDER: When logging in to the training site, you must be sure to select the correct location and department!

Now, ENTER the training site.

Administrative access only:

  • Supervisors please enter HERE


  • All training must be completed within the scheduled time chosen by your department. Failure to complete all sections of a course including quizzes will result in no proof of training records.
  • You may print Certificate of Completion for each course and file it within your department, as directed by your supervisor. Be sure to change the Page Setup to "Landscape" prior to printing certificate. Training records must be kept for a minimum of one year or when another refresher course has been completed.


Additional Information