Policies Specific to College of St. Benedict

College of Saint Benedict Cigarette Smoke and Tobacco Use Policy

College of Saint Benedict has the responsibility to provide a naturally safe, healthy and productive environment to all employees, students, residents and visitors. Research findings show that tobacco use in general, including smoking and breathing secondhand smoke, presents significant health hazards to the public. In addition to causing direct health hazards, smoking contributes to institutional costs in other ways, including high risk for fire damage, cleaning and maintenance, and costs associated with employee absenteeism, health care and medical insurance.

College of Saint Benedict therefore has set the following policy regarding cigarette smoke and tobacco use:

  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in all college buildings and other partially or fully enclosed structures including bus stops and athletic fields.
  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in all college and university owned or operated vehicles.
  • Smoking outside of campus buildings must take place at least 25 feet from any entrance and/or exit, building fresh air intake and should reflect discretion near public/visitor entrances or near a non-smoker.
  • The sale or free distribution of tobacco products, the advertisement or acceptance of money or merchandise demonstrating loyalty for Tobacco Company or agent on the College of Saint Benedict campus is prohibited.

This policy establishes the minimum requirements on campus. Campus units may choose to expand the policy with more stringent requirements. Check unit handbooks, operational guidelines and other plans specific to the area, for any additional requirements

Revised January 2013