English Department

Situated on over 3,200 acres of lakes, prairie, oak savannah, and forest, our campuses not only create community but also provide an inspiring location for exploration of the book and the written word with faculty and students from around the world.


The English Major encompasses the study of literatures and literary histories, methods of interpretation, creative and analytical writing, and the cultural contexts in which reading and writing take place.  Pursuing this major teaches students to write and speak clearly, to think critically, to research effectively, and to apply knowledge to real-world situations.  These skills make English a highly versatile degree, as shown by our alumni - who pursue successful careers in marketing, education, law, medicine, non-governmental organizations, advocacy, speech pathology, editing and publishing, and more. 

Our students gain field-specific experience through service learning, internships, independent learning projects and practicums. Faculty work closely with students to design a course of study suited to their goals, and our small classes foster an energetic environment where students and faculty discuss literature as it relates to contemporary issues, ideas and our lives.

To ensure the best preparation for our students, our program offers five different degree options.

Department Highlights


Katherine Powers

While here, the author sat down for an interview about editing her father's works.

Our Students

Heather Beckius, '14, on her Fulbright and graduate school for Speech Pathology.

Our Faculty

Chris Bolin discusses his new Medical Humanities course with the Star Tribune.