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Jacob Harmon - SJU, Class of 2016

"I remember being one of 2 non-English major students in Matt Callahan's Editing and Publishing class and also being in that same minority in the other English courses I took. My personal view of education and its impact on post-college career is that while a lot of young adults are in college, they are constantly influenced by the stress of "you need to major in finance, economics, business, etc. if you want to guarantee a job after college." These same people tend to be naysayers who support "don't study the arts, languages, communication" and I think it is pretty sad that people's mentors, parents, and role-models would bestow that mindset on a developing mind. I guess the reason I shared can be summarized like this:

I am a financial analyst @ a fortune 50 company.

I had 1 finance class in college.

I had 6 English courses in college.

"What I learned through studying English has hands down been more impactful to my growth and understanding of "business" in the first 8 months of my career. 


Tierney Chlan & Aly Chromy

Tierney and Aly are co-founders of the blog website "Say Entirely," published after their graduation in 2015. Their blog was founded as a way to keep in touch as Aly moved to London and to help them navigate through post collegiate life. The blog covers a wide variety of subjects such as their personal thoughts, truimphs, struggles, theater reviews and many more.

Bailey Zalleck

Bailey, an English aluma and creative nonfiction writer-extraordinaire, wrote an open letter to President Trump which got picked up by Inquisitr. You can also find her full letter here.

Luke Muyskens
Poems "Pull of Leaves," as well as "Big Sky Now," published in the Washington, D.C. quarterly journal, Sundial Review (December 2014). 
Accepted to M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Latin America at Queens College, Charlotte, NC. Luke has been accepted to programs in fiction and screenwriting and looks forward to working with acclaimed American fiction writer, Maxine Swann.

Stephanie Frerich, '02, published an article, "Why Quitting Business School to Read Shakespeare was the Right Decision," about her choice to become an English Major.

Frerich is currently a Senior Editor at Penguin Random House.

Featured Student Publication

"Vera Westing awakes to the sound of glass shattering. She jolts upright in her bed. She thinks it is a dream until she hears the click of a lock being turned.

Her palms are cold. And wet.

She hears another pane of glass crash to the floor in probably a million pieces. Then the old creak of a door being opened.

Panic sets in.

She isn't expecting anyone. That's for certain."

Leanne Otto, Moonlight Sonata, Studio One, Volume 41

Faculty Publications

Cindy Malone
Article, "Noses in Books: Orientation, Immersion, and Paratext" published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews.

Betsy Johnson-Miller
Congratulations Betsy, on publishing "22 Years Later"--just published in the current issue of Alaska Quarterly Review (Nov. 2015)
Essay, "Goodnight," in the latest issue of the Mid-American Review (Dec. 2014). New poem, "A Still Life," in the current issue of Boulevard. Betsy has also recently published several poems in literary journals Ascent and The Cortland Review.

Christina Tourino
"The Leisured Testes: White Ball Breaking as Surplus Masculinity," 
forthcoming from The Journal of Popular Culture.

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