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English Major

English Major Requirements  (40 credits)

Hear from one of our faculty, Professor John Kendall


English majors hone the skills that matter most to employers: critical thinking and clear, effective writing about complex issues. The English Major teaches students to read thoughtfully and perceptively, to listen carefully, to analyze critically, and to express their ideas logically, clearly, and precisely.

Our majors gain knowledge of the chief genres of literature--poetry, drama, fiction, and the essay--and of literary traditions in English. In our classes, we investigate how cultural productions shape and are shaped by historical and political circumstances; and, through writing and discussion, we examine the values which form literary works and the theories which shape our interpretation.

Our field naturally positions us to offer students practice and experience in undergraduate publishing, book arts, editing and publishing, and emergent modes of expression. Because of our smaller size, we are able to work closely with all of our students, tailoring their paths through the major and advising supplemental projects and courses to best prepare them for careers ahead.  



Majors in our Department

Amelia Schmelzer, '17

"Throughout my time in the English program, I've come to realize that being an English major isn't just about reading books. It's about researching alternate interpretations, analyzing written and visual material, and ultimately synthesizing one's work into a format that makes sense to other people. Each of these has already proven useful in the job and internship search, so the fact that I also enjoy the curriculum, classmates, and professors is icing on the cake."