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Cross-Campus Opportunities

Book Making

Develop editing, design and bookmaking skills through a Book Arts Minor and the Welle Book Arts Studio. Hear about Professor Cindy Malone's book making experience.


Discover modern manuscript studies and intercultural studies of the book through the renowned Hill Museum and Manuscript Library.

Edit and publish Studio One, our student-run journal that publishes writing from around the country. Volume 41 was published Spring 2016. Volume 40 is viewable here

Creative Cloud

Serve the community in the student-initiated Creative Cloud program and teach creative writing to area children. Hear what students  previously involved said about their experience.

The RecordJoin CSB/SJU's student-run award-winning newspaper, The Record, and have the opportunity to write articles and get hands-on experience in newspaper publishing.

Reasons to get involved:

1. It allows you to become connected: College is full of resources, but the responsibility is on you to seek them out. Being involved helps you to do that.

2. It helps you build a community: Since you are leaving family and sometimes friends at home, getting involved here helps you discover new friends with similar interests.

3. It allows you to discover your passions and strengths: These will follow you all through life.

4. It is a résumé builder: Getting involved will help you to begin thinking about positioning yourself for future employment.

5. Sometimes, busier kids do better in all areas: This will vary a lot by the student, of course, but more free time does not always equal better grades. Being involved will require some organization and time management on your part-and that's a good thing.