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What is Service-Learning?

Barbara Jacoby defines service-learning as "a form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development. Reflection and reciprocity are key concepts of service-learning." Service-learning provides an opportunity for students to engage in real-life experiences that pertain to their academic learning. The intersection of the real-life connection to the community and the academic education is what we refer to as service-learning.

Service-Learning at CSB/SJU

Service-Learning is one program located in the office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement (ELCE). The Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement supports programs that empower CSB/SJU students to integrate and apply knowledge and theory gained in the classroom setting to a hands on learning environment, such that a deeper understanding is gained and demonstrated through clear learning outcomes. The office brings together students, faculty members, businesses, non-profit organizations and government partners to promote access to mutually beneficial partnerships through experiential learning opportunities.

Expectations of CSB/SJU Service-Learning Students

In order to ensure a positive experience for all involved in the service-learning experience, the Service-Learning Program has the following expectations for students:

•   Students should employ respectful and responsible behavior at all times

•   Students must actively communicate with their site, faculty member, and the service-learning office

•   Students must be accountable to their site and uphold their commitment

•   Students must dress appropriately for their site

•   Students should limit technology use (including cell phones) when at their service-learning site

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Experiential Learning Designation

As part of the common curriculum, all students are required to complete a course with an experiential learning designation. Service-Learning is one way to earn this designation. Any questions about the experiential learning designation can be directed to academic advising or may be found on their webpage.


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