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Important Service-Learning Components

As a primary partner in Service-Learning, we encourage organizations to fully engage in all aspects of the experiences. 

Service-Learning Fair

In the beginning of the semester, community partners are invited and encouraged to attend the service-learning fair. All of the students in service-learning classes will attend the fair to meet with site supervisors and learn about the responsibilities and mission at each site. Following the fair, students and community partners will receive notifications of placements for the students for each community partner.

If you are partnering with a course that you have been a part of in the past, you will receive a letter inviting you to partner for the coming semester.  If it is a new partnership, you will meet with and discuss opportunities for the coming semester with a Service-Learning Coordinator and/or professor.

Contracts and Liability

Students are required to read, sign, and return a Service-Learning Contract to our office before they begin their projects for the semester.  Please note that the liability form addresses liability from the perspective of CSB/SJU and does not address questions or concerns that relate to your organization.  Specific liability you have can be addressed with the Service-Learning Coordinator.  Students may also be required to complete specific requirements for your organization, such as background checks, interviews and applications. 

Compliance with the Non-Discrimination Policy

All community partners and faculty members must comply with the CSB/SJU non-discrimination policy.

Switching Placements

Occasionally, there is a need for a student to switch placements during the semester.  To do so, the student must make the current supervisor aware that they are seeking a different placement.  The student is required to have a discussion with the Service-Learning Coordinator, complete the form located in the office, and have the new supervisor sign and approve the form before being allowed to serve at a new site. 

We will not accept switching placements after the first half of the semester unless a student can document that he/she has made every possible effort to make their current placement work.  When a student is not meeting the expectations of the program, we encourage the student to discuss opportunities for improvement with his/her site supervisor.

Student Performance

If students do not meet the expectations of your program or are not engaging in the experience, we ask that you discuss opportunities for improvement with them.  If students do not improve their performance, it is possible that they can be let go from your organization. Community partners should not feel obligated to work with students who perform poorly.  This experience is part of a course grade.  When students are not engaging, they are not learning.  This should be reflected in the evaluation completed by their direct supervisor at the end of the semester.

Community Partner Updates

Community Partner Updates are documents that are sent to you via email from our office throughout the semester.  This is a record of hours completed to date that students report to us.  You should receive these updates once a month.  If there is a discrepancy in the information provided, please contact the Student Academic Coordinator assigned to work with you. 


Reflection is essential in the service-learning process and is a key factor in distinguishing service-learning from many other opportunities in the community.  As a community partner, you may be invited into the classroom during the semester to take part in discussions that encourage students to gain a deeper understanding of how their experience impacts their education, the people they serve, the organization and the community.


We ask that an evaluation be completed for every student involved at your site.  This online document evaluates job performance.  These are then passed along to our department, the student and the professor.  The evaluation serves as valuable feedback for the student and generally impacts credit awarded for the service-learning project in the course.  You will receive an email from our department with the due date for each semester.