Presentations will take place at both the CSB and SJU campuses in various locations and at various times between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23. Your time and location will be assigned by the person in charge of your department or program. The final schedule will be available on April 17.

  • All project descriptions will be submitted online. Please use the link on the left of this page: Register to present at CSC.
  • You will be asked to supply the following:
    • Your name (and the members of your group if applicable)
    • Type of presentation (i.e. oral, poster, panel or performance)
    • A title for your project (make meaningful to the project
    • Project Abstract  (brief summary of the project)
    • You will also be asked to provide the name and e-mail address for your project advisor
      • This is the person for whom or with whom you did this project.
        •  To save time you should talk with your advisor about what they expect in the project description. 
    •  Click, "Submit" 
        • Once submitted watch your email for either a message indicating your advisor accepted your description or an email asking for changes to your description. This process will continue until the advisor accepts your description.