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International Internships Registration

Registering for International Internship Credit

Important Notice: Students at CSB/SJU who apply for academic credit for an International Internship will be considered approved and registered only after the Registration for Internship - Learning Contract form has been received and signed by the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. Please click here to start drafting your contract. Please note the following, important requirements for International Internships:
Before leaving the U.S., all students participating in international study programs including internships are required to provide emergency contacts, sign a waiver and apply for an International Student Identity Card. Information is available on the Office for Education Abroad website links below.

1. Health and Emergency Contact Form: Students need to complete this form online:

2. The Short-Term, Off-Campus Program Waiver and Release Formcan be found at:

  • Print the cover page to be signed by you and your parents. (Read the PDF's which are attached to the forms but you don't need to print each one separately.)
  • The originally signed copy (not a faxed or emailed version) must be submitted to the Internship Office. The Internship Office will submit the forms to OEA.

3. Students participating in international study programs are required to purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which includes insurance. Application information and an explanation of coverage are available at the CSB/SJU Office for Education Abroad. OEA will also take a photo for your card. For more information about the card visit: The ISIC card is not meant to be primary health coverage. It is a secondary plan for major medical emergencies including emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance. If you plan to use your ISIC card for doctor's visits while abroad you must call collect 202-974-6480 before you go. The cost for the card and basic coverage is $25.

Additional Steps to take before you Register

As a reminder, students must register at the beginning of their internship. Credits cannot be earned after the internship is completed.

Notice: Students participating in a Course #398 internship/field experience while on a CSB/SJU sponsored semester study abroad program do not need to follow the registration process below. Check with your academic department to determine whether the course #398 internship experience will count toward your experiential learning requirements. Contact the Office of Education Abroad for information on how to apply for an international internship that is part of a study abroad program. The internship office does not administrate internships that are part of a CSB/SJU sponsored semester study abroad program.

Students will begin the registration process for international internship credits the semester before they plan to intern by completing these steps:

1. Find a Faculty Moderator in the department where you plan to earn credits. The faculty moderator is typically a professor from whom you've taken a class or with whom you've developed a relationship. It's a good idea to talk to your faculty moderator during the planning stages of your internship and get a verbal agreement to moderate for your internship. For management majors, the faculty moderator will be assigned by the Internship Office.

2. Determine the number of internship credits you want to earn. You may be able to earn credits in more than one department. When arranging credits in more than one department you will have two faculty moderators, two sets of goals, and two registration forms. Refer to the hours per credit guidelines to determine the minimum number of hours you need to work for the number of credits you want to earn. Students at CSB/SJU are allowed to earn a maximum of 16 internship credits during their 4 undergraduate years.

3. Check with your academic department about their requirements for earning internship credits and the maximum internship credits that you can count toward your major.

4. Make an appointment with a staff member of the CSB/SJU Internship Office by phoning 363-5799. The Internship Office supports students in setting up academic credit for international internships on condition that the site, housing and travel arrangements are discussed in advance with the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement. During this appointment staff will also review the international registration process and discuss the legal forms and the reports and evaluations required for participation in the program.

5. Since you'll be residing off campus during your internship notify the Residential Life Office and get information about how to secure housing after you return to campus. Notify the Registrar's Office if you're moving to a new address for the internship.

6. Students planning international internships are required to read the US State Department travel warning (if any) for their
host country

Completing the Registration Form for Earning Internship Credit

7. Complete the Registration for Internship - Learning Contract before you leave the U.S. or within 1 week after your arrival at your internship destination. When you communicate with your internship site, or after you arrive at your international internship site, get as much information as you can from your site supervisor about the work you will be doing. Ask for a job description.

8. Your learning goals and tasks and strategies for achieving those goals should be typed in the spaces provided. Your faculty moderator will assign the means of evaluation.