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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Basic Skills Exams (MTLE)

The Minnesota Board of Teaching (BOT) requires all teacher candidates to show evidence of taking the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Basic Skills Exams (MTLE) before enrolling in upper division Education courses. All students applying for acceptance into a Teacher Education Program must take the MTLE before taking EDUC 310 Educational Psychology. Registration for the tests is available online at Passing scores on these tests must be achieved before applying for teacher licensure in Minnesota. Students considering Teacher Education should take the MTLE Basic Skills tests as a first-year student or during the summer prior to their sophomore year.

More information about the tests can be obtained at the Education Department Desk (HAB 125) and by following the website listed above.  The website also includes sample questions, study guides and testing strategies. These exams are taken by appointment only at approved testing sites which are also listed on the website.

The minimum passing score of 240 on all MTLE tests has been established by the Minnesota Board of Teaching . 

Students may seek help for a deficiency in any basic skills area via different programs in the Academic Skills Center at CSB/SJU.  Following is a list of programs and directors that may be of help to you:

  • Writing Writing Center, Kyle Lyndgaard (Quad 266, HAB 103B)
  • Mathematics Math Skills Center, (PENGL 232, HAB 4A)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students who have achieved the following ACT OR SAT scores are NOT required to take the MTLE Basic Skills exams.


     SAT  READING 510 or above AND SAT WRITING 510 or above AND SAT MATHEMATICS 520 or above