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5-8 General Science - License Endorsement

Requirements for MN licensure in General Science 5-8. A BA degree in any subject area is required to apply for this license. (This is not a major. This licensure, in combination with an area of focus in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics constitutes a major in Natural Science teaching.) (NOTE:  Chemistry or Biology courses may be offered only in fall or spring semesters.  Check with the Department chairs to determine when the courses are offered.)

  • BIOL 101   Foundations of Biology (4) 
  • BIOL 201   Intermediate Cell Biology and Genetics (4)
  • EDUC 278  Multidisciplinary Science for Middle Level Science Educators (4)
  • CHEM 125 Intro/Chemistry Structures & Properties (4)
    CHEM 201 Purification/Separation Lab (0-1)
  • CHEM 255 Macroscopic Chemical Analysis (4) 
  • PHYS 105  Physics for the Life Sciences I (4) (Fall Only)
  • PHYS 106  Physics for the Life Sciences II (4) (Spring Only)
  • Suggested: MATH 118, MATH 119, or MATH 124


  • Last updated 8/1/16