Lichuan Tony Liang


Tony Liang

What inspired you to become an economics major?

I study economics for the following reasons:

  • Economics always makes me think. Besides economics, I also major in math. Compared to the math major, there is a lot of thinking involved with economics. For most economic situations, there are many solutions and explanations; however, we always have to think which economics models are the best that we can apply.
  • Economics is more than theory - Many people think economics is mostly teaching those theories that they don't use in daily life. However, for me, economics can also help me make the transition from theory to practical.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in economics?

From my prospective, there is a huge connection between economics and mathematics. We always solve economics problems using mathematic methods. My advice would be: if you are considering an economics major, also take some math courses. It will help a lot. Moreover, writing can be another crucial skill for being an economics major since we have many research projects for certain economics classes.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

Based on my summer internship with an investment bank, I would like to pursue a career in the financial industry. However, before getting into investment banking, I am seeking some opportunities in different industries. I want to be a business analyst for different industries and then eventually be an analyst for the investment banking industry.

What has been the highlight of your time at CSB/SJU?

My Economics 384 project is one of the highlights of my time at CSB/SJU. I did my final thesis during my junior year and I was the only junior in the class.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome?

English was the biggest challenge for me during my first year at CSB/SJU. When I came to Saint John's as a first year international student, my English was not very good. Honestly, I had a very hard time with understanding classes and even doing homework. My first economics class helped me gain confidence on improving English in a significant way. Since I liked my economics class, I studied very hard. In class, I tried to interact with classmates and the professor. I talked a lot in class and improved my English. Also, I changed my personality to be very outgoing and I made many American friends. Making friends is also a very important way to improve my language skills. After the first year, English was never a problem to understanding classes.

Are you involved in any other activities or clubs at CSB/SJU?

I work as an international student mentor and consultant in the International Student Program Office at CSB/SJU. I help plan the orientation for new international students and mentor them. Also, I work as part of a team to plan and implement monthly activities for international students.
I am also the co-founder of a student venture project. We call it experiential education summer leadership camp. We basically try to bring Chinese high school students to the CSB/SJU campuses and give them an experience of American college life.