Karl Tobias Linbro


Karl Tobias Linbro

What inspired you to become an economics major?

I was put in Economics 111 my first semester after I entered Saint John's with an undecided major. I liked what I saw and I decided to register for another course in economics. Economics offered a new way of looking at the world that appealed to me. Nothing inspired me to be an economics major more than just attending the first few classes and learning what it was about.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in economics?

Do not be afraid of the math requirements. Even if you do not like math, the resources available will help you master what you need. Understanding economics will make it worth going through the necessary math.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

While I am still not certain where I will go after graduation, I know that my economics major will offer me a superior understanding of how society functions. Whether it will be in the workplace, or in the public sphere, I know that I will have the tools to thrive and excel.

What has been the highlight of your time at CSB/SJU?

Some of the most rewarding times I have had, I have spent along with my teammates of the hockey team, my roommates, and other friends. For all the good things that Saint John's offers, it is the people that you meet that makes it all worth it. Whether it is travelling to Upstate New York for a Thanksgiving tournament or enjoying the weekend nights in St. Joseph, the time at Saint John's has created countless great memories.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome?

It is not always easy to come from a different country to live far away from family and old friends. The biggest challenge was to dare to take the step to leave home in Sweden and move here. While being an international student has its benefits, it can take some time to adjust to college life in the U.S. CSB/SJU offers great support for international students and the community made the transition smoother than what I first expected.

Are you involved in any other activities or clubs at CSB/SJU?

I'm a four-year veteran and a captain of the Saint John's Hockey Team. I've also played varsity soccer, and I've worked all four years at the Campus Life office on campus.