CSB and SJU Libraries create new spaces for students

Tse Yiu Kai Classroom in SJU Alcuin Library

The newest addition to Alcuin Library at SJU is a classroom. The Tse Yiu Kai classroom was created as a space for librarians to meet with classes, as well as an opportunity for other disciplines to hold classes inside the library. The library took this opportunity to add technology to the teaching and learning experience as well. The classroom has both an 80- and 40-inch monitor in the space so every student can see what the professor is presenting. The room has moveable chairs, whiteboards and iPads for students and faculty use. The librarians are encouraged by the response of both students and faculty regarding the addition to the library. 

Creative Lab at CSB Clemens Library

The creative lab in Clemens Library at CSB is available for use by students, faculty and staff. The library staff wanted to create a space where students can be creative with projects that interest them, including video editing, photo editing or sound editing. The lab has iMacs with software that includes Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. Media Services staff provide support and assistance.  Whether it is a class project, lab video or student club photo project, the creative lab assists students in tackling projects.