Special Election Candidate Platforms

Club Auditor

Christine Quinones:

My name is Christine Quinones, a senior History Major and Chemistry minor, and I am running for the position of Club Auditor for the 2014 Fall Semester. If my past three years at CSB have taught me anything, it is that the voices of students can assuredly make a difference. The Bennies here promote change and peace in all we say and do.  Student clubs are the venue to profess our voices, and what better way is there to serve the community than to advocate for these clubs?  Serving as Club Auditor for the CSB Senate would allow me to do my part in ensuring that the remarkable women on our campus are able to be given a voice.

Dedication and commitment are essential characteristics for a CSB Senator.  This position requires a woman who is able to manage her time effectively and balance the commitments of being a student and being a senator. Organization is key to fulfill the duties of Club Auditor.  At first glance, it appears that the responsibilities of the Club Auditor are merely to solve discrepancies and manage the various clubs on campus, all from a disconnected, outsider-like perspective. However, I view this position in a different light. I view a Club Auditor as an individual who is an accessible resource for all clubs on campus. The Club Auditor is of service to the clubs, the senate, and the students of CSB; she must be an individual who is not afraid to interact with her community and desires to put the needs of the public above her own.  Duties of the Auditor include ensuring that funds are managed properly and efficiently amongst all clubs. Filing reports, formulating monthly audits, and interacting with students and board members only scratch the surface of the responsibilities of the position.  I believe that, above all, it is the duty of the Club Auditor to create and foster relationships and to give these student-run clubs the resources necessary for them to achieve their goals.  Ensuring that clubs have a voice on campus is the essential task of the Club Auditor.

I would like to think that my resume at CSB speaks for itself in regards to my dedication to the CSB community. I served as a Resident Assistant in the First Year Area, am involved with Campus Ministry on both CSB and SJU, and am currently employed as a CSB Security Officer. I am a Study Abroad Ambassador, having studied in Ireland last fall, and current President of the History Club. Additionally, I am a news writer for The Record, the student-run newspaper that brings the voice of the students to CSB and SJU. In order to balance these various obligations and a full course load, I have honed my organization and time management skills to effectively fulfill all of these roles.  I am hard-working and will dedicate the time necessary to meet the expectations of Club Auditor.

If I have only learned one thing during my time here at CSB, it is that all of the women here a remarkable, passionate, and dedicated to their goals and callings. Serving the community and giving each individual a voice is my passion, and I believe that this is a necessary attribute for whoever attains the role of Club Auditor.  It would be an honor and a privilege to serve the CSB community as a member of the Senate.


Anastasiia Okuneva

Hello, my name is Anastasiia Okuneva, I am junior majoring in economics and I am running for the position of CSB Auditor in the college of St. Benedict’s Senate. I understand that being a member of the Senate requires time and hard work.  The club auditor position requires a responsible person who is organized and self disciplined. As I look at Senate’s Facebook page, which pictures all the activities current senators are involved in I feel ready to become part of the group filled with open-minded women, where leadership and teamwork will help us to open so many of our hidden talents and educate us through of whole range of academic and extra-curricular activities and fulfill our academic passion. I am eager to be surrounded by women form all around the world that is ready to become responsible College of Saint Benedict representative and learn about each other every day. I really want to become a part of senate’s community and to contribute to network that CSB is creating. I am confident that working for the senate would help me to understand more about myself and my career path in the future world as well as finding harmony with the world around me and inspire me to overcome so many of the challenges this world has to offer.

Having multiple internship accounting experiences will definitely help me during the working process, and majoring in economics provided me with a financial background. But most importantly, it's about developing the intangible skills, like communication, resourcefulness, leadership, analysis, independence, etc. I am d interested in this field gain experience, building their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. I find getting to know others’ opinions and discussing politics with young people both inspiring and motivating as I was discovering alternative points of view, seeking understanding of foreign policy decision making and its significance. To me, the process of being a senate member would be a continuing productive dialogue aimed not only at education inside of the meetings, but also towards developing a much broader and more global understanding of women leadership.


Nomin Angarag

Hello fellow Bennies! My name is Nomin Angarag, a first year majoring in Political Science andEconomics and I am running for the position of CSB Club Auditor in the St. Ben’s Senate. I came from sunny Los Angeles, California to attend College of Saint Benedict because I fell in love with this community. In late March, I came to visit CSB during one of the fly-in weekends and on my way to McGlynn’s with my host, I saw pictures on the wall of women in the same, matching red shirts. As my host explained what the Senate does for CSB, I knew from that moment that I wanted to be part of the Senate. This all happened a few months ago and now I am here as a freshman, eagerly waiting to be an active member of this community. The reason why I’m applying for this position is because I want to step out of my comfort zone and to be part of this community we now call home. I understand that being a part of the Senate takes hard work and dedication, I am more than willing to work harder than anyone else. I also understand that the position of the club auditor requires someone who’s focused and organized, a voting member of the SBS Allocations Board, someone who conducts monthly audits of appointed clubs, and someone who maintains a working relationship with club officers and students. I believe what makes me the perfect candidate for this position is my level of ambition and determination. Although I don’t have a strong resume about my involvement with the CSB community because I’m a freshman, I want to start it with being a member of the Senate. During my high school career, I was the Captain of the tennis team, a member of the Mock-Trial, a college counselor for my peers, and an active member of the Youth and Government with an elected statewide leadership position representing California as the Justice of the Supreme Court. I want to be an active member of this community that I now will call home for the next four years with a group of women who work together to be the voice of this community.