Special Elections- Community Representative

Anais Wittrock:

Hello, my name is Anais Wittrock, I am a junior majoring in Nutrition and I am running for CSB Senate position of Community Representative. Ever since my freshman year I have wanted to be part of the CSB senate. This is not because of the title or the respect that one would attain when on the board, but because I wanted to show my love for the CSB community in a way that would be auspicious to give back using my talents.

When I was in 7th grade I gained an opportunity to be part of a varsity high school sports team. Being part of this wonderful experience made me realize, that when I got to be high school age I wanted to inspire women to be respected, ambitious, and most of all kind. I still continue to attain this mindset in whatever I do. I believe our actions don’t only influence us, but everyone around us. Especially being part of such a tight-knit community of CSB you never know who will be looking for someone to aspire to; someone to respect; or even someone to give them a smile and some hope. I truly believe that I would make an affable candidate for the position of a Community Representative because of my leadership skills, and the heart and respect that I would carry for my fellow Bennies.Some of my leadership positions include: Volunteering at various sites such as CentraCare Hospital, Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program, soup kitchens and shelters as well as volunteer opportunities abroad. Internship for Locappy in London, England, and various sports teams on CSB campus have helped me gain knowledge of being part of the team and leadership skills.

 I am exited for this opportunity to be part of CSB Senate and working hard for this team. As one of my wonderful friends has said, “ working hard is easy if you are passionate about your work”, I believe this is true for my resilience to work hard and be a part of this wonderful experience.  But the hard work and the achievements mean nothing if you don’t have your heart behind it.

 I hope to put my heart behind the work I do for my community as well as share my heart.  Sharing my heart with the ones I do work for, as well as work with, is my aspiration.  Along the line I hope others will open up to me and share their hearts with me as well – this is the resilient cycle of love, hard work, and kindness that I hope to achieve.

Within our Benedictine community everyone influences one another every day, of every minute; remember that these influences can be positive, uplifting, spiritual, and beautiful. Aspire to inspire.


Anna Huge



Hello, my name is Anna Hueg, a sophomore Communication major and Political Science minor. I am running for the position of Community Representative. Serving on the St. Ben’s Senate would be the ideal opportunity to give back to our campus by working with other student and community leaders.

If there’s one thing St. Ben’s is best at, it is our sense of community. It is our most defining characteristic, an ideal that unites us, a quality of which we are all proud. As Community Representative, I would extend that sense of community by acting as a liaison for St. Ben’s, the community of St. Joseph, the alumnae board, and the monastic community on campus. The qualities I possess that would make me an ideal Community Representative are passion for St. Ben’s, dedication, and communication.

My involvement as a Hynes Scholar, Benedictine Friend, and Writing Center tutor, gives me a broad spectrum of experiences that allow me to effectively represent St. Ben’s campus. I am passionate about being a Bennie and every decision I make as Community Representative will be made with the best interests of my fellow Bennies in mind and the impact it will have on our campus.

I understand what kind of communication it takes to run an effective committee by listening to and contributing ideas in a meaningful and effective way. As a 4-H president and 4-H ambassador in my hometown, I was expected to attend countywide leader’s council meetings. I was also my high school’s National Honor Society secretary and Student Council president. Having served on a variety of boards in a variety of positions has taught me how to lead, but more importantly, listen. An effective Community Representative must be able to listen to the needs of St. Ben’s and St. Joseph, the monastery, and the alumnae, to make a bridge between the St. Ben’s community and the other communities of which we are a part.

Above all, I have the dedication to make our community ideas reality. Keeping doors of communication open between all parts of our campus takes hard work. I am an assertive person who does not shy away from challenges because I find accomplishing a goal very rewarding. I know what it takes to run an organized schedule and complete projects in a timely manner. My ambitious and outgoing personality enables me to work with all types of people.

My dedication, communication skills, and passion for St. Ben’s make me the ideal candidate for Community Representative. If elected, I would be honored to represent St. Ben’s women while working diligently to keep the doors of communication open between our school and the town of St. Joseph, the alumnae board, and the monastic community. I am excited to serve you as Community Representative for St. Ben’s Senate.

Erin Ryan-Mosley


My name is Erin Ryan-Mosley, and I am a junior here at the College of Saint Benedict.  I am currently working on a Sociology major with a minor in Hispanic Studies.  After graduation, I hope to volunteer a few years teaching in an underprivileged school somewhere in the United States. Ultimately, I hope to go on and receive a graduate degree in Social Work.

Working with people has always been a passion of mine. I have always believed that strong relationships are the base of a strong community. I am so fortunate to attend a school with such a presence of community.  Community is portrayed throughout all aspects of this campus.  The different relationships that the college of saint benedict has with our Benedictine sisters, the St. John’s University, the city of St. Joe and our alumni are relationships that are not only important but are a major aspect of this college.

If elected as community representative, I will not only keep these relationships alive and thriving, but I will do my best to improve and bring forth new ideas to the groups that CSB associates with. I plan to be a passageway from the community to the CSB Senate and CSB faculty and administration.

I have read the roles responsibilities of the Community rep, and I am more than ready to take on these roles. With that said, In being apart of the wonderful CSB Senate last year, I know not to only focus on the position assigned to you, but to be a strong and effective member of the Senate, as well. I am prepared to hold by own opinions but be very open to the ideas of others.  Working together is key, and I am only as strong as my other Senators.  In being a two-sport captain for Lacrosse and Basketball in high school and captain of our CSB girl’s lacrosse team for this upcoming season, I know I can thrive in a leadership position. Most importantly, I prioritize listening to other’s opinions and ideas. I am organized in my work and willing to work hard for these Bennies.  I view myself as approachable, and this is necessary when working hand in hand with members of the CSB community.

Being in Senate is a time commitment that requires a lot of work, and I am most definitely prepared to put forth the effort.  It would be an honor and top priority of mine to serve as Community Representative and be one of the seventeen inspiring bennies sitting around the table every Wednesday.