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Vice President

Meet Vice President
Bethany Purkapile
 Year: Senior 
Hometown: Portland, OR 
Major/Minor: Political Science, psychology minor
How many years on Senate: 2 
Senate position: Vice President 
Explanation of position (what issues you can assist students with specifically related to your position): oversee and help all aspects of senate; I can help point you in a specific direction or to a specific senator.  
Why you joined Senate: increase my involvement on campus! Other activities/involvement on campus: CERTS and Sexual Assault initiatives coordinator. 
Favorite class and why: Gender Politics- I was able to learn how gender influences politics but also how politics influence our ideals of gender and equality.  
Favorite study spot: the library, in the back corner as you are leaving the computer lab. 


Vice President Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Be a member of the Executive Board.

C.     Be a member of the SBS for the full term.

D.     Serve as Parliamentarian.

E.      Act as President in the absence or at the request of the President.

F.      Maintain a working relationship with the Office of Institutional Advancement.

G.     Be a member of the Fine Arts Programming Advisory Council.

H.     Maintain an efficient working relationship with the SJU Senate in coordination with the SJS Vice President.

I.        Interview, select, oversee, and ensure the efficiency of the Executive Assistant.

J.       Coordinate the fall retreat with the SBS Executive Board, SJS Executive Board, and Senate Advisors.