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Upperclass Representative

Emily Webster

Upperclass Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Be a member of the junior or senior class.

C.     Represent the interests of on-campus senior and junior classes, including off campus students.

D.     Communicate SBS issues to the junior and senior classes.

E.      Be a member of the Student Life Policies Committee.

F.      Keep in regular contact with the Director of Residential Life.

G.     Be a member of the Food Service Advisory Board.

H.     Be a member of the Food Service Appeals Committee.

I.        Meet with the Chief of Physical Plant and Facilities.

J.       Attend St. Joseph City Council meetings in the absence of the Community Representative.

K.     Serve as liaison to the Joint Events Council (JEC) and the Saint Ben’s Senate.

L.      Serve as a member of the Building and Grounds Committee on the Board of Trustees.