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Sustainability Representative

Nomin Angarag

"Grade": Junior
Position: Sustainability Representative
Other activities you are involved in on campus: Board member on Women in Economics Initiative, volunteer at McCarthy Center, Research Assistant at Academic Affairs
Why you chose to join senate: To make a long lasting change on the CSB/SJU community
How long have you been on the senate: 2 years
Your favorite study spot: First floor Simons
Favorite thing about CSB/SJU: How nice everyone is!

Sustainability Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Promote and educate the community about campus issues pertaining to the three tiers of sustainability: economy, equity, and environment.

C.     Serve as liaison between the administration and students on campus sustainability issues.

D.     Meet with CSB Facilities and Grounds Director as need arises.

E.      Be a member of the Arboretum Advisory Council.

F.      Be a member of the College Sustainability Council.

G.     Serve as liaison for the Full Circle Greenhouse.

H.     Plan the annual “Swap Shop” event to be held during Spring Semester, D Mod.

I.        Ensure that the college remains dedicated to its sustainability commitments.

J.       Serve as a member of the Building and Grounds Committee on the Board of Trustees.

K.     Serve as a member of the Landscape Master Plan Committee and Implementation process.

L.      Be an active member of the Sustainability Alliance.