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Public Relations Assistant

Maly Thao

Public Relations Assistant Duties:

A.     Be a CSB student selected through an application and interview process conducted by the outgoing Public Relations Assistant, incoming Public Relations Representative, and the incoming President.

B.     Serve as Webpage Designer to the SBS under coordination with the Public Relations Representative and the President. 

C.     If receiving IT services training, the Public Relations Assistant will be required to:

                           i.            Develop and design the SBS Webpage to creatively and clearly communicate with the CSB students and greater community.

                           ii.           Post-election and candidate information.

                           iii.          Ensure page is accessible to all CSB/SJU users.

                           iv.          Respond to network problems and serve as liaison between the SBS and IT services.

                           v.           Attend to updates and maintenance of webpage as needed.

                           vi.          Post minutes from each meeting online.

                           vii.         Post committee work, Senate accomplishments, and goals throughout each semester.

D.     Aid Public Relations Representative with all publications including, but not limited to, emails posters, flyers, etc.

E.      Meet as needed with Public Relations Representative to discuss senate meeting and other relevant issues.

F.      Report directly to the Public Relations Representative and President.

G.     Receive a $150 stipend per semester.

H.     Compile board report notes for The Record and send to The Record news editors each Tuesday.

I.        Maintain contact with editors of The Record to post weekly Senate minutes and activities in the student newspaper.