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Erin Ryan-Mosley

Meet President
Erin Ryan-Mosley
Year: Senior
Hometown: Minnetonka
Major/Minor: Sociology Minor- Hispanic Studies
How many years on Senate: 3
Senate position: President
Explanation of position (what issues you can assist students with specifically related to your position): I lead a team of 16 wonderful senators. I meet regularily with the SJS President, Dean of Students and I am the leison between Students, Senators and Administration. 
Why you joined Senate: I joined Senate to make a difference in the Student life for our Bennies and Johnnies.
Other activities/involvement on campus: General Manager of Clemens Perk Coffee Shop 
Favorite class and why: I loved my Criminology class sophomore year. I am very interested in working with At-Risk Youth, and this was a great place to start. 
Favorite study spot: Clemens Library because it's right by the Perk!


President Duties:

A.   Chair all SBS meetings according to Sturgis Parliamentary Procedure with no speaking terms.

B.   Call special meetings of the SBS when necessary.

C.   Be a member of the SBS for the full term.

D.   Chair the Executive Board meetings.

E.   Vote in case of a tie, when her vote affects the outcome, or when votes occur in ballot.

F.    Interpret the SBS Constitution and by-laws, except in cases of violation.

G.   Assist and advise the other members in the execution of responsibilities and duties.

H.  Meet monthly with the SBS Advisors.

I.    Aid the SBS Vice President in coordinating correspondence with any affiliated state or national organization and other student governments.

J.    Assist the Public Relations Representative with press releases and approval of all messages sent on behalf of the SBS.

K.   Meet at least once a month with the CSB President, Saint John’s Senate (SJS) President, Dean of Students at SJU, and Dean of Students at CSB.

L.   Organize a fall and spring retreat with aid from the Executive Council for the SBS and with communication with the SJU Senate.