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Executive Assistant

Meet Executive Assistant
Jamie Weekley
Year: Sophomore    
Hometown: Champlin MN    
Major/Minor: Communications Major, Political Science Minor    
How many years on Senate: 1 semester    
Senate position: Executive Assistant     
Explanation of position: Takes minutes (notes) in all senate meetings and organizes documents for executive board, upkeep all supplies for senate members      
Why you joined Senate: I have a strong passion for politics and wanted to get more involved on campus with politically related groups and senate seemed like the perfect opportunity to be politically involved.     
Other activities/involvement on campus: JEC Public Relations Board    
Favorite class and why: Interpersonal Communication, its fascinating to learn the in's and out's of everyday communication and relationships in a way that I have never thought about before  
Favorite study spot: Clemens Library, Swivel chairs in the main area   

Exeuctive Assistant Duties:

A.Be a CSB student selected through an application and interview process conducted  by the Executive Board.

B.Record, process, and e-mail minutes from SBS meetings.

C.Distribute correspondence documents including agendas and notices at SBS meetings.

D.Keep a detailed record of Saint Ben’s Senate member absences and board report submissions.

E.Maintain adequate supplies in the Saint Ben’s Senate office.

F.Maintain a file of all SBS minutes, letters, notices, and other correspondence documents. After three years maturation, place files in the archives.

G.Relay necessary information to the Public Relations Representative to inform and reach the larger CSB/SJU community.

H.Report directly to the Vice President.

I.Receive a $200 stipend per semester