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Cultural Affairs Representative

Ana Belmonte

Meet Senator
Ana Belmonte
Year: Senior    
Hometown: Dallas, Texas    
Major/Minor: Communication/Global Business Leadership    
How many years on Senate: 1 year    
Senate position: Cultural Affairs Rep    
Explanation of position (what issues you can assist students with specifically related to your position): I am responsible for helping students who bring concerns regarding the inclusivity of everyone regardless of background, ethnicity, race, religion, etc. I work with the Intercultural and International Student Services office as well as the Cultural Affairs Board to make sure we are making efforts to move to a more inclusive community.    
Why you joined Senate: I wanted to help voice the concerns of students that are often overlooked and make a difference on our campus.    Other activities/involvement on campus: Cultural Affairs Board MAPCS Member      
Favorite class and why: Language, Gender, and Culture capstone because I learned about so many cultures and developed an understanding for others.    
Favorite study spot: SJU Alum Room

Cultural Affairs Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Report and promote Cultural Affairs Board activities and issues to the Saint Ben’s Senate.

C.     Report SBS activities to the Cultural Affairs Board.

D.     Meet with administrators from the offices of Admissions and Student Development.

E.      Meet with the director of the Intercultural and International Student Services Department.

F.      Attend meetings and events of other cultural clubs on occasion.

G.     Promote collaborations and working relationships with other cultural clubs.

H.     Work with the Intercultural and International Student Services Department to promote and plan Festival of Cultures.