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Cultural Affairs Representative

Angelliott Thomas

Name: Angelliott Thomas

Year: Junior

Position: Cultural Affairs Representative

Studying: Political Science

Why did you join Senate: I joined Senate to promote inclusiveness and to make everyone really embrace the diverse community that we are privileged to have.

How long have you been on Senate: This is my first year on the CSB Senate and I am excited to work with everyone!

Other activities on campus: Along with being a senator, I am the Chair of the Inclusivity Committee and a part of the Cultural Affairs Board. I am looking forward to working with all of you for the 2017-2018 year and making amazing progress!

Cultural Affairs Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Report and promote Cultural Affairs Board activities and issues to the Saint Ben’s Senate.

C.     Report SBS activities to the Cultural Affairs Board.

D.     Meet with administrators from the offices of Admissions and Student Development.

E.      Meet with the director of the Intercultural and International Student Services Department.

F.      Attend meetings and events of other cultural clubs on occasion.

G.     Promote collaborations and working relationships with other cultural clubs.

H.     Work with the Intercultural and International Student Services Department to promote and plan Festival of Cultures.