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Community Representative

Stephanie VanBeek

Meet Senator

Stephanie Van Beek

Year: Junior  

Hometown: Monticello, MN  

Major/Minor: Psychology major; Music minor  

How many years on Senate: 1  

Senate position: Community Representative

Explanation of position:  I attend city council meetings in St. Joseph , I'm involved on the parks department committee in St. Joseph, I keep in contact with Mayor Rick Schultz, I am a liaison on the St. Ben's Alumnae Board, I get to plan fun events like Bennie Day and help out with the Feast of St. Benedict  

Why you joined Senate:  I want to be more involved in both on-campus and off-campus activities and have a passion for leaving a positive impact on current and future Bennies and Johnnies.  It's also an incredible opportunity to practice leadership skills and learn more about what is happening on our campuses in a very detailed way.  

Other activities/involvement on campus: I work as an event planning coordinator at the admissions office for CSB/SJU   

Favorite class and why: Psychopharmacology; you learn about drugs (both prescription and recreational drugs) and how they effect not only the body but the brain.  It's pretty intense stuff.  

Favorite study spot:  When it's nice out my favorite study spot is on the cement tables outside the BAC by the tennis courts.  The other 5 months that we're in school and it's comparable to planet Hoth, I like to study outside of Clemens Perk, in Sexton, or just in my apartment.


Community Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Attend the Alumnae Board Committee meetings.

C.     Serve as a liaison between the St. Joseph community, the alumnae, the monastery, the Saint Ben’s Community, and the SBS.

D.     Coordinate the Feast of Saint Benedict in collaboration with the director of CSB Campus Ministries.

E.      Attend St. Joseph City Council meetings.

F.      Coordinate “Bennie Day” with a SBS committee.

G.     Develop a working relationship with the St. Joseph Mayor and the City Park Board.

H.     Regulate the sales of Bennie shirts.

I.        Plan and coordinate an annual charity event.

J.       Serve on the Bookstore Advisory Board.