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Club Auditor

Alexandra Stotz, De'Seria Demeritte & Miranda Olson 

Club Auditor Duties:

A.     Have one vote.

B.     Be a voting member of the SBS Allocations Board and Co-Funding Board.

C.     Conduct monthly audits of appointed clubs in accordance with the Co-Funding Board.

D.     Report misuse of allocated funds to the Allocations Chair.

E.      Report indebted clubs to the Allocations Chair or the SBS as needed.

F.      Establish and maintain working relationships with club officers.

G.     Abide by Co-Funding Board guidelines, when sitting on the Co-Funding Board.

H.     Be restricted from holding the office of Treasurer in a club that one audits.

I.        Be restricted from auditing a club one participates in.

J.       Meet regularly with Student Activities and Leadership Development Office Coordinator.

K.     One (1) Club Auditor must serve as a member of the Resource Development Committee on the Board of Trustees.

L.      One (1) Club Auditor must serve as a member of the SBS Judicial Board.

M.    One (1) Club Auditor must serve as a member of the Joint Club Board.

N.     One (1) Club Auditor must maintain a direct relationship with CSB-Only club Treasurers, conducting monthly audits, and approve funding by SBS in accordance with Co-Funding Board guidelines.