Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden, is the largest city and capital of Sweden. It is the most populated city in all of Scandinavia. The city spans across 14 islands and was established as early as 1187 AD. It came into economic power in the 17th century. After losing this power to a plague, it regained its power in the 19th century and has retained it since.

Quick Facts about Gender in Sweden:

  • Sweden is first in the Gender, Institutions and Development Index and second in the Gender Empowerment Measure
  • Sweden's pay gap is one of the lowest in the world
  • Parental leave pay is granted for 480 days after a child is born or adopted
  • There are more women than men graduating from higher education

Sights to See in Stockholm:

Stockhom City Museum: This museum is the largest in Stockholm. Housing over 300,000 historical artifacts and a collection of 3 million photographs, it gives visitors an in depth history of the city of Stockholm.

National Historic Museum: This museum gives the history of Sweden. Among the numerous collections they have is a large assortment of Viking artifacts.

Storkyran: This cathedral is 700 years old, Stockholm's oldest parish. It once was the sight of coronations and royal weddings.