Meet the Institute for Women's Leadership Staff


Leah Ranta, Student Director 2014-2015


 Stillwater, MN

 Global Business Leadership and Asian Studies

 Bonner Leadership Program, Enactus, Study Abroad Ambassador, Foreign Exchange Student Mentor

Favorite Artist: The Shins

Dream Vacation:
 Take my dad to scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Favorite Feminist: Jessie Diggins

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?  Not allowing gender roles or gender stereotypes created by society to define who you are as a woman or who you have the ability to become. "The sky's the limit!"

What are your hopes for post graduation? Find a solid stepping stone that will form a foundation for my MA in International Development



Haley Ehleringer, Spring Program Coordinator 2015


Randolph, MN

Major: Communication, Minor: Gender Studies

Magis Ministries, PMS Bible Study, Intermural Volleyball, Heath & Wellness Community, Companions on a Journey

Favorite Artist: Will Reagan

Dream Vacation:
 Any where near water and good friends

Favorite Feminist: Jesus, Sarah Bessey, & Rachel Held Evans

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? It means living, learning, leading, and loving first as a human being and second as a woman. Challenging the expectations and stereotypes, while being intentional about celebrating and honoring the uniqueness and fullness within each person are what I see as leadership.

What are your hopes for post graduation? My hopes for post graduation are to in some way work with children, continue to encourage and empower women, and to invest my time into a community.



 Jessica Raboin, Spring Program Coordinator 2015

 Year: Senior

Major: Sociology and German Studies

Involvement: Study Abroad Ambassador, German Club

Favorite song: Fearless by Taylor Swift

Dream Vacation: Going everywhere! But I would especially like to go to Turkey, Chile, Argentina, and Russia.

Favorite Feminist: Currently it is Hillary Clinton, but I also have a newfound love anhd respect for Emma Watson.

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?  To me, it means that despite societal pressures and stereotypes, women can dare to work for the causes and issues that they are passionate about, and turn that passion into change- whether that be in a for-profit company or a volunteer organization.

What are you hopes for post graduation?  I'm looking for opportunities that will lead into a career in global higher education and teaching.




Natalie Kerber, Public Relations Coordinator 2014-2015



 Minnetonka, MN

 Marketing Club, Study Abroad Ambassador

Favorite Artist: Beyoncé

Dream Vacation:
 Anywhere by the Mediterranean Sea

Favorite Feminist:
 Michelle Obama

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership means having the courage and dignity to embrace and support equality for all women.

What are your hopes for post graduation? Finding a job and career I love in marketing or public relations. I would also love to travel more around Europe if I can!




 Ha Pham, Fall Intercultural Women's Representative 2014-2015


 Saigon, Vietnam


 Vietnamese Student Association Club, Aikido Club, Hynes Scholars

Favorite Song: Home by Michael Bublé

Dream Vacation: 
Kyoto, Japan

Favorite Feminist:
 Dorothy Parker

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's Leadership means taking pride in being a woman, turning our weaknesses into strengths, and not hesitating to SHOUT when we need to!!!

What are your hopes for post graduation? My top three are: Spending time with my family whenever I can, having my own company and visiting every corner of Japan



 Siri Berg-Mober, Hynes Scholars Student Coordinator 2014-2015

Year: Junior

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Major and/or minor: Biology Major, Political Science Minor

Favorite Artist or song: Mumford & Sons

Dream Vacation: Hiking and paddling the fjords and mountains of Norway

Favorite Feminist: Jane Goodall

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Empowering women to take on influential and meaningful roles in society has been shown to change communities in positive ways all over the world.

What are your hopes for post graduation? I hope to spend time traveling the world, playing outside, canoeing the Mississippi and Colorado rivers; eventually I want to work with wildlife and help change the way we relate to the natural world and the creatures in it.


April Donovan, Women's Month Coordinator 2014-2015

Year: Senior

Hometown: Deerwood, MN

Major and/or minor: Psychology and Theology

Favorite Artist or song: Communist Daughter, Neutral Milk Hotel

Dream Vacation: Anywhere with Al

Favorite Feminist: Rosemary Radford Reuther

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? It means the exact same thing as men's leadership, but perhaps wearing a dress sometimes.  



Emma Fering, Spring First Year Forward Coordinator 2015

Year: Junior

Hometown: Chaska, MN

Major and/or minor: Psychology Major, Theology Minor 

Involvement: Student Supervisor at McGlynn's/O'Connell's, First Years Forward Co-Coordinator  

Favorite Artist or song: John Mayer 

Dream Vacation: Eating spaghetti in Italy

Favorite Feminist: Hillary Clinton

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Empowering women with the confidence and drive to make a difference in the world.

What are your hopes for post graduation? To go to graduate school for counseling.



Magnolia Ditzler, Spring Women's Expeditions Coordinator 2015

First Year