Defensive Driving Program

The CSB/SJU on-line training defensive driving program is designed to refresh and test your defensive driving skills.  CSB/SJU's insurance carriers require all faculty, staff and students who use college/university-owned vehicles to be informed of transportation rules and policies regarding their safe operation.

This program consists of two parts:

PART I.  The successful completion of "Decision Driving", a comprehensive, on-line defensive driving course.

PART II. A review of CSB/SJU Transportation policies - followed by a brief quiz.

When ready, select the above links to complete each portion of the process.  Each section of the on-line course (Part I) must be successfuly completed to pass.  You have the option to print a Certificate upon  completion of  Part I, if desired.  If you need to retake Part II, the transportation quiz, you will receive an e-mail message notifying you of this fact.  You will also receive an e-mail when both parts of the Defensive Driving Program have successfully been completed.  

Good luck and safe driving!