Residential Life Philosophy

The Department of Residential Life works to create an environment that is community based and provides students with an experience of belonging and being valued. Community life is sharing our personal strengths, weaknesses and meeting together to share our life events. This supportive environment provides the framework for personal growth and a commitment to community living. We recognize this growth occurs primarily through supportive relationships. We encourage students to have an integrated approach to learning and living. They are encouraged to develop a sense of community in which learning takes place, balanced with the desire to develop a sense of personal identity. We encourage students to extend the concept of community by a commitment to social transformation and becoming a part of a world community. Combining leadership and service to others extends our community far beyond the residential areas on campus.

Residential life staff members base their work on the following principles and practices:

  1. We respect each student as a unique individual– each with special gifts, talents, and limitations.
  2. We value women; their perspective, needs, wants, ways of knowing, and ways of leading.
  3. We support students in their task of self-identity and assist them on their development of personal goals.
  4. We celebrate the importance of community and provide an environment that is supportive and challenging.
  5. We understand that a healthy community must balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the community.
  6. We prize leadership that is value based, integrated, and service orientated.