Room Selection

Here's a brief overview of Room Selection. Detailed information for internal audiences is available on the Res Life Intranet Site. Students can log on using their network username (with ad\) and password. Important dates and information related to Room Selection will also be sent out to students via campus mail and email. If you have any questions about our website or the Room Selection processes, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Important Policy Change Regarding Room Selection and Registration

Effective in the 2014 Room Selection Process, returning students will now be required to be registered for Fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process.  All students who wish to select on campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the Room Selection Process they will participate in takes place.

See this page for full policy:

What is Room Selection and how does it work?

NEW IN 2014 - ROOM SELECTION WILL BE MOVING TO AN ONLINE PROCESS!  The process will still work in a very similar manner to the past, it will just take place online, rather than in person. We will have tutorials and help rooms set up to assist students as they participate for the first time in the online process.  

Room Selection is the process through which returning students select housing for the next academic year.  There are many parts to room selection including Pre-Selection, Senior Majority Selection, Suite Selection and regular Room Selection. Students can also apply for Intentional Living Community and special conditions.

Students are issued selection numbers that are assigned to individuals randomly within their cohort group (the group of women that began college in the same year).

All Students Living on Campus must complete a CSB Selection Participation Form

The Fall Housing Intent Form is required from students. In order to participate in room selection you must complete a participation form found in the housing portal. Those who will be abroad in the fall will be contacted later in fall term to complete regarding their preferences for housing in the spring semester. You will not be able to pick your housing without a completed participation form.

To be eligible to select housing, students must:

  • Complete Fall Housing Intent Form in March (date TBA).
  • Register for Fall classes at least 24 hours prior to the selection process you are participating in.

In Addition, students need to remember:

  • That to select housing at their best time a group must have a full group for fall semester. For example,  four requested and confirmed roommates are needed to select a four person apartment, two requested and confirmed roommates are needed to select a double room.
  • If a student is not registered for classes, she need to be honest and upfront with her requested roommates as they will not be able to select housing all group members are not registered as they would not be considered a full group. 
  • That everyone will not get their first choice of housing and you should have multiple ideas for what you want to select.   

Not all seniors will live in apartments with private bedrooms (Luetmer/College Ave/Centennial Commons)

Some Seniors will live in Old East or West Apartments.

Not all juniors will be able to select apartments.

Some juniors will select housing in Lottie/Margretta/Brian.

Not all sophomores who want one will be able to select a suite or a single room.

The majority of sophomores live in double rooms.


Pre-Selection Process

Pre-selection is a process for certain living options on campus including campus owned houses, 6 person apartments and one person apartments. It works just like room selection in that it is based on cohort group using the selection number you will receive for room selection. Students who wish to apply should complete a pre-selection application. Each person who wishes to select housing in this process must preregister when they fill out their Fall Housing Intent Form. Preregistration is required to participate in the process. Again, pre-registration is required to participate in the process. Students can find full details and links to registration forms on the pre-selection page.

Senior Majority (dates for 2014-2015 academic year)

Students who are part of the rising senior cohort (the coming academic year will be their fourth year in college) will be able to select housing through Senior Majority Selection Process. Senior Majority Selection will take place on April 8th (for two person apartments and single apartments) and April 14th (for four person apartments). Groups with all members in the rising senior cohort have priority over groups with 3 members in the rising senior cohort and 1 in the rising junior cohort. If you participate in the two person senior majority process and are unable to select an apartment, you will have until Noon on April 11th (Friday) to add/adjust your requested roommates for the process on Monday, April 14th. We need to have time to verify that all groups registered for the process are comprised solely of 4 Seniors or are 3 Seniors + 1 junior, please remember 3+1 groups receive times that come after groups of 4 seniors in the process.

Intentional Living Community

This process allows living groups to form which serve a specific reason and purpose beyond just being roommates. In the past communities have formed around themes such as sustainable living, language, and health and wellness. Proposals for Intentional Living Communities must be turned in to Residential Life Office. If the proposals are not accepted, the students will be automatically put back in to the regular Room Selection process. Intentional living communities are mainly offered the on campus houses; however, groups may request assignment to other areas, except College Avenue Apartments, the New Centennial Commons Complex and Lottie Suites due to the limited number and high demand of these housing options.

Suite and Single Room Selection Process (dates for 2014-2015 academic year)

Rising Sophomore Students who wish to select a suite or single residence hall room must pre-register to participate in this process. You pre-register when you fill out your Fall Housing Intent Form. The Suite and Single Room Selection Process will take place on April 22nd.  This process was formed based on feedback from past room selections. Any student not able to pick a single will have approximately a week to formulate a new plan for housing.  We will also offer a waiting list for those not able to select a suite or single room.  Note: Juniors/Seniors who wish to select a single room may do so on the General Room Selection Night for Juniors/Seniors on April 16th.

Special Conditions (dates for 2014-2015 academic year)

If a student has a special medical condition or other special needs, she must complete a Request for Accommodation (available from the Residential Life Website) and obtain requested letters of support.  The Request and supporting materials should clearly demonstrate the correlation of the request with the need for accommodation though pre-assignment or special housing that cannot be secured through the Room Selection process. You will also need a letter of support from a board certified medical/mental health professional that clearly supports your need for the specific housing assignment. Consideration for accommodation or special assignment will be based on demonstrated needs, not wants - we will review what accommodation is needed and make an offer for assignment based on the demonstrated need. The deadline for returning students to request accommodations for the 2014-2015 Academic year is March 14, 2014.  Requests received after March 14th may not be able to be accommodated.

What if I'm studying abroad?

Congratulations for this great achievement! You will have a chance to indicate that in your CSB Fall Housing Intent Form.   If you are studying abroad during...

  • Fall of 2014
    You will not go through the Room Selection processes. Our office will contact you before the end of this academic year with information regarding your housing when you come back from abroad.
  • Spring of 2015
    You will go through the Room Selection processes as usual. Our office will contact you about cancelling your housing for the spring semester in October 2014.

What are the housing options available to students?

Please check out Housing Options for more information, including room layouts and amenities.