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Living Area

Apartments are available with either 2 or 4 bedrooms. West and East Apartments have 2 and 4 bedrooms and a single bathroom. Luetmer 4-bedrooms apartments have 2 bathrooms and Luetmer 2-bedroom apartments have a single bathroom. All apartments include individual desks, a refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, vacuum cleaner, and laundry facilities.  Cable television and internet connections are available in each room (TVs and computers not provided). The living room in each apartment features a cozy couch with matching plush armchairs, and spacious, comfortably-furnished common areas exist on each floor. A towel, sheet set, pillow, and water cup are provided for each guest.

The College of Saint Benedict welcomes all guests with complimentary parking facilities. All housing complexes are secured with electronic key entry.