• Black copies, color copies, and full-color scanning are all available.
  • Copies can be made from originals, CD's, memory sticks, or emailed to CSB Duplicating.
  • Our policy requires 24 hours notice for routine duplicating.
  • Urgent requests will be accommodated as well as possible.
  • Advanced notice of large jobs is appreciated.
  • A self-serve copier is available to faculty and staff for small jobs (budget number needed).
  • Cutting and folding are free on copies made in our copy center. A labor charge is assessed for cutting or folding of outside jobs.
  • WE RECYCLE TONERS! Drop them off at the Main Duplicating Center or send via campus mail!


Black Copies Large Copier Small Copier
8½x11 $.05 $.07
8½x14 $.05 $.07
11x17 $.08 $.14
Color Copies
8½x11 $.60
8½x14 $.60
11x17 $1.20

*Personal Copies are subject to sales tax at 7.375%

Paper Prices

8½x11 Ream Case
White $3.75 $35.50
Colored $4.25
3-Hole Punch $3.75
Color Printing $15.00 ($.05 per sheet)
Photo Paper $.05 per sheet
White $5.00
Colored $6.50
White $8.50
Colored $10.00
Cardstock Package (250) Ream (500)
8½x11 $7.50 $15.00
8½x11 $.03 per sheet
Photo Paper $.05 per sheet
11x17 (70#) $.06 per sheet
White (60#) $.05 per sheet
Astrobrights Ream
8½x11 $15.00 ($.03 per sheet)
11x17 $30.00 ($.06 per sheet)
Black $.30 per sheet
Color $1.25 per sheet
CSB Envelopes $19.50 per box
CSB Stationary $27.25 per ream
Plain Second Sheet $15.00 per ream




 Colors Available

8½x11.................... White, Blue, Pink, Green, Cherry, Ivory, Salmon, Pumpkin, Gold, Yellow, Gray, Buff, Tan
8½x14.................... White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Gold, Gray
11x17..................... White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Ivory, Gray
8½x11 Cardstock.. White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange/Gold, Gray, Ivory
8½x11 Astrobright Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
11x17 Astrobright. Yellow, Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Green, Fuschia, Magenta