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Meet the Instructors

Megan O'Connor

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Global Business Leadership, Communications

Classes Megan Teaches: Yoga Sculpt 

Why group fitness? "Group fitness is special because it fosters community growth and promotes wellness.  Each class provides students with the opportunity to strengthen community bonds while they exercise together. I am inspired by the passion and energy my students bring to class each week!"

Natalie (Nat) Lambert

Year: Senior

Major: Communications 

Classes Nat Teaches: Step and Pilates 

Favorite Workout Song: "Figure 8" by Ellie Goulding

Nicole Anderson

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting

Classes Nicole Teaches: Step, Pilates

Why group fitness? "I love Group X because it is such a positive program that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle."

Kendra Sukke

Year:  Junior

Major: Nursing

Classes Kendra Teaches:  Pilates

Why Group Fitness? "I love group fitness because I love teaching and helping others get healthy and active!"

Jessica (Jessy) Nelson

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Biology, Art

Classes Jessy Teaches: Yoga, Yoga Sculpt 

Why Group Fitness? "It's a great and fun way to blow off the steam of school with other students in an active, healthy way. Also, amazing friendships can be made through taking group fitness classes!" 

Emily Dech

Year:  Junior

Major/Minor:  Elementary Education, Music

Classes Emily Teaches: Yoga

Favorite Workout Song: "Say My Name" by Odesza