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St. Joseph, St. Cloud and surrounding area resident usage

PARKING:                Pass holder must park in either Lot 5 or 14 outside of the HCC.
PASS:                    You must give your pass to the desk attendant or lifeguard prior
                            to using the facilities.
MUSIC:                  The stereo will remain tuned to the channel of the student's
VALID:                   Passes are valid during our academic year 8/27/08-5/1/09.
HOUR CHANGES:      Operating hours are subject to change based on academic as well
                            as holiday breaks.  Any changes in operating hours are posted at
                            the Campus Rec. desk, on the pool locker room doors and on our
                            department website.
PURCHASING:          All passes may be purchased at the Campus Recreation desk in
                            the lower level of the Haehn Campus Center.  Exact cash or
                            checks (payable to CSB) accepted.  Credit cards not accepted.


WALKING/RUNNING/SHOOTING HOOPS                                       
Price:  4 month pass = $60, 8 month pass = $100
Use is restricted to walking/running/shooting hoops in the field house only.
Restricted hours of usage:  Monday-Friday 7am-4pm
Weekends are not offered as there are several student and off-campus events.
Adults only (18 yrs. and older).  No guests or children allowed at any time.

Price:  4 month pass = $160 (per tennis pair), 8 month pass = $300 (per tennis pair)
Use restricted to CSB field house only
Restricted hours of usage:  Monday-Friday 7am-4pm (pending court availability)
Having a sub for a player is fine but they will need the pass holder's user pass.
To schedule weekly times, contact Marcia Hilbert, Campus Recreation Director.  Notification of cancellations for regularly scheduled times is appreciated.
***In the event an academic class needs space in the field house, Campus Recreation reserves the right to "bump" groups to different times/dates.  We do our best to minimize this from happening but it may happen occasionally.

Price:  4 month pass = $70, 8 month pass = $120
Use restricted to the CSB pool during any schedule open swim hours.
Adults only (18 years and older).
No children/family passes are available during the academic year.