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REVEAL Sophomore Retreat
On the Sophomore Retreat, participants serve in Minneapolis and reflect on how God's love is revealed to them in their lives.


Reveal Sophomore Retreat

In collaboration with SJU Campus Ministry, FAC offers the Reveal Sophomore Retreat. Participants get the opportunity to serve the community in Minneapolis. They also explore how God's love is revealed in their selves and in relationships. For the 2015-2016 school year, Reveal was held Jan. 29-31, 2016


Busy Women's Retreats

FAC offers 2 Busy Women's Retreats throughout the calendar year: one during Advent, and one during Lent. This 5-day retreat has three half-hour components: 30 minutes of prayer as an individual, 30 minutes of prayer with a spiritual companion (Sister from the Monastery), and 30 minutes of group prayer with inter-generational women. Students may participate in this retreat and still attend their classes. It is offered once per semester.


Women's Wilderness Retreat

The Women's Wilderness Retreat is an overnight nature and prayer experience. Retreatants reflect on how God's creation can enhance our spirituality and awareness of God.


Senior Mother-Daughter Retreat

This retreat is for senior women and their mothers, and celebrates the Mother-Daughter relationship and bond.


Latino(a) Retreat

The Latino(a) Retreat just had its second year, focusing on the theme of God's mercy. The group was comprised of Latino(a) students from three colleges: CSB/SJU, University of St. Thomas, and St. Catherine University.




Upcoming Retreats

Women's Wilderness Retreat
-October 21-22, 2016
Fall Busy Women's Retreat
-November 6-10, 2016


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