Faculty/Staff People

Ghost Ranch 2012

ABE Faculty/Staff Person Role:

  • I understand that I am attending as representative of The College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University and will consistently conduct myself in a manner that best represents the institutions.
  • I agree to represent CSB/SJU well by adhering to and upholding all CSB/SJU policies, especially the prohibition on any alcohol or drug use by any participants.
  • I agree to encourage and support the student Co-Leaders of this trip to be the leaders of this trip and to step in and take charge only in emergency situations and/or when students exhibit poor judgment in a way that could cause harm or injury to self or others.Commit to the team and trip preparation
  • Commit to the 5 Pillars of ABE and how they apply to the trip and to life once back at home.
  • Attend pre-trip meetings, a potential pre-trip service project, and the post-trip ABE Slideshow
  • Initiate and participate in fundraising activities to defray the costs of the trip
  • Learn as much as possible about the issues and the culture you will be experiencing on the trip
  • Represent the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University well by adhering to all CSB/SJU policies, especially the prohibition on any alcohol or drug use
  • Engage freely and enthusiastically in all direct service experiences
  • Be willing to engage in group activities, such as daily reflection and work toward conflict resolution and tolerance of co-participants
  • Recognize any assumptions/expectations you have for the trip and work to reduce and eliminate them in order to be open to every experience while on your ABE.
  • Patience. You may not get all information as quickly as you like but you will receive all necessary information before departure. More information in Frequently Asked Questions.


Wish to apply?

Fill out the ABE Faculty/Staff Person appication online!

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position!
*All applications are due September 14th, 2015

Contact Carley Castellanos if you have any questions at ccastellanos@csbsju.edu