Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

January 3rd-11th, 2015


Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi works to better the quality of life of the people with whom they work, using suitable resources, in an authentic environment of continuous learning.

They focus on the following areas:

  • Quality of life
    Indicators for "quality of life" are:  education, housing, health, family life, gainful employment, human rights, security, recreation, the environment, civic and political involvement and spirituality.  
  • Of the people with whom we work 
    They won't be able to have an impact on everyone, nor attract or benefit each person in the community. However, each person that comes to know about them and who participates in their activities becomes an integral part of their mission.
  • Using suitable resources
    There's neither a magic formula that can be employed in every situation, nor a recipe that fits against all evils.  For that reason they will look for the best available resources that fit specific needs, to the best of ability and within the range of our possibilities.
  • In an authentic environment
    We carry out our mission without false pretenses or empty promises, trusting the good faith, honesty and integrity of our board members, partners, sponsors, participants and beneficiaries.
  • Of continuous learning
    We seek to regenerate ourselves continuously, seeking out the best methods, processes and alternatives, adapting our functions to changing conditions and contexts.  

 What to Expect:

  • Cost: Each ABE trip costs $375.  International trips have the added cost of flights. In the past flights to the Dominican Republic have cost $608 (2012) and $847.50 (2013). International ABE trips have the additional expense of $25 for an ISIC card. We require International Student ID Cards (ISIC) to all CSB/SJU students, faculty and staff traveling internationally on short-term programs. The Basic ISIC card ($25) is required to bridge the gap for emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance.
  • Travel: The group will fly from Minneapolis to the Dominican Republic.  A bus will pick the group up from the airport and bring them to Las Terrenas.
  • Lodging: The group will either stay at Casa Paz, the volunteer house (La Villa Anderson), or an alternate guest house.
  • Food: Meals are provided by the guest house and include some traditional local dishes.
  • Work: Groups will have the opportunity to be involved in various programs. Programs could include: work with children between 6-15 years, small building projects, sports activities, do environmental education in the community, learn more about issues in the community, English tutoring, work in classrooms, or create your own projects.  Be prepared for the physical nature of the work on this trip!    
  • Dress: It is best to wear light cotton clothes.  Women should dress so as to not attract too much attention, especially while working with kids or visiting homes and neighborhoods.  Typicaly attire is gym shorts (appropriate length), t-shirts, and tennis shoes.
  • Extra Fun: There are beaches within walking distance and the water is always good for swimming.  They have some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.  Make sure to bring a lot of sunscreen and to drink a lot of bottled water.  There is also an opportunity for an excursion into the mountains of the Dominican Republic for a hike including spectacular views and waterfalls. 
  • Focus: Social Justice, Intentional Living, children, and poverty.

Interested in applying to co-lead or participate on the Dominican Republic trip?  Apply here to co-lead or here to participate! 

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position!

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Alternative Break Experiences at