Faithful Fools, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California

January 2nd-10th, 2016

          2013 Group 

Faithful Fools is an educational and charitable organization. They have a live-work space in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. For this trip, the group will begin their week with a Street Retreat through Faithful Fools to ground themselves in the neighborhood and experience and condition themselves toward people and places in relationship to poverty and homelessness.  Throughout the week, the group will serve with a number of organizations in the Tenderloin with a common goal of serving the area's homeless, hungry, or impoverished residents.  The group will also participate in a number of community activities at the site of Faithful Fools, including Bible studies, artistic workshops, movie nights, and more. These activities are open to all members of the community. 

Faithful Fools learn and educate through engaging in relationships with people who are impoverished and without housing, as well as those with homes and economic wealth. They address the policies, attitudes and lack of knowledge that perpetuate injustice and poverty not just locally in San Francisco, but nationally and globally. Walking and working together, people of privilege and people who are impoverished help one another bridge gaps and shift perceptions that inhibit personal and social change. They work to build community by breaking through boundaries that separate us, such as economic power, religious beliefs, class, race, gender, ethnicity, and together discover what connects us.


 What to Expect:

  • Cost: Each ABE trips cost $375. Driving to San Francisco would take 3 days. The group will fly to San Franciso to have a balance of travel time and time on site. The group will have to pay for the cost of flights. In the past, flights to San Francisco have cost $463.68 (2014).
  • Travel:  The group will fly from Minneapolis to San Francisco. Throughout the week, they will rely on Faithful Fools and city transportation to get to and from their lodging and work.
  • Lodging: The group will stay at Faithful Fools and sleep on the floors.
  • Food:  The group will experience what it would be like to have to rely on soup kitchens for their meals. They will travel together to the area's soup kitchens and eat with the community.
  • Work: The group will work with Faithful Fools at their location and Faithful Fools will establish work for the group at other social service sites in the Tenderloin District.
  • Extra Fun: The group will have an opportunity to see sites of San Francisco, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous cable cars, Fisherman's Warf, and more.
  • Focus: Community, Homelessness, Poverty, Cultural diversity, Social justice, Children, and Addictions

Interested in applying to co-lead or participate on the San Fransisco trip?  Apply here to co-lead or here to participate! 

Please note: $100 due with acceptance of a position!

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Alternative Break Experiences at

Packing List


Special Points of Interest:

  • Community
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Cultural diversity
  • Social justice
  • Children
  • Addictions

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