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Student Employee of the Year and Student Employee Team of the Year Awards

CSB Student Employee of the Year
SJU Student Employee of the Year
Student Employee Team of the Year

See also Past Employee/Team of the Year Information, which includes nominations and photos

CSB Student Employee of the Year

2014-2015 Amanda Tate
2013-2014 Becca DeBlieck
2012-2013 Hannah Laudenbach
2011-2012 Angela Klaverkamp
2010-2011 Jessica Florek
2009-2010 Kasey Heichel
2008-2009 Karen Schleper
2007-2008 Gretchen Enninga
2006-2007 Grace Brogan
2005-2006 Emily Klehr
2004-2005 Megan Janke
2003-2004 Amber Kangas (also the Minnesota winner)
2002-2003 Shannon Gilles
2001-2002 Sara J. Johnson
2000-2001 Sarah Halverson
1999-2000 Lea Ramthum
1998-1999 Felicia Ochs
1997-1998 Trista Vucetich
1996-1997 Michelle Ethun
1995-1996 Terra Ohlhauser
1994-1995 Nicole Marie Miller
1993-1994 Shelly Loecken
1992-1993 Stephanie Linn
1991-1992 Kathy Cooney
1990-1991 Christi Dold
1989-1990 Kimberly Mockenhaupt                            

SJU Student Employee of the Year

2014-2015 Nicholas Maher
2013-2014 Trevine Saunders
2012-2013 Joshua Bikus
2011-2012 Ted Kain
2010-2011 Nibras Hanna
2009-2010 Austin Reischl
2008-2009 Charles Burke
2007-2008 Chris Gabiou
2006-2007 Dan Greenwood
2005-2006 Chris Lauer (also the National Student Employee of the Year!)
2004-2005 Gregory Jurek
2003-2004 Brian Schnese
2002-2003 Andrew Brandt
2001-2002 Dale Fredrickson
2000-2001 Tory Oelfke
1999-2000 Brian Tiemann
1998-1999 Shane Pemrick
1997-1998 David Cook
1996-1997 Thomas Reger
1995-1996 John Vinje III
1994-1995 Matthew Ricke
1993-1994 Bryant Pfeiffer
1992-1993 Bruce Boelter

Student Employee Team of the Year

2014-2015 CSB Student Grounds Crew Team
2013-2014 Student Employees of Life Safety
2012-2013 Student Employees of the Saint John's University Campus Mail and Duplicating Center
2011-2012 Student Employees of the CSB/SJU Bookstores
2010-2011 Student Managers of O'Connell's Coffee House and McGlynn's Sports Café
2009-2010 CSB Events and Conferences student team
2008-2009 Fine Arts Programming Front of House Team
2007-2008 CSB Campus Ministry Alternative Break Experience Coordinators  
2006-2007 Student Activities and Leadership and Fast Forward Youth Program
2005-2006 Fast Forward Youth Program
2004-2005 SJU Institutional Advancement
2003-2004 McGlynn's
2002-2003 CSB Residential Life - RAs
2001-2002 Transportation
2000-2001 Haehn Campus Center Operations Managers
1999-2000 CSB Development Office
1998-1999 SJU Great Hall Information Desk
1997-1998 CSB Physical Plant