S. Lois Wedl Endowment for Blazer Athletics

Carol Howe-Veenstra and S. Lois Wedl

"I love being a part of the Blazer family," she admits. "It's so much fun to be with parents, siblings, coaches, trainers and friends on the sidelines."

Ever since joining Saint Ben's faculty in 1986, Sister Lois Wedl has become a dedicated and well-known Blazer fan. She sends notes of encouragement to players, keeps score, and attends as many games as possible where she cheers as loud as she can. This is, of course, in addition to her regular work as assistant professor of education, director of the Elderhostel program, resident hall director, and member of the monastic community.

While teams may change, records may be broken, and coaching strategies evolve, one thing has remained a constant for the Blazers . . . S. Lois is their biggest fan.

Gifts to Sister Lois Wedl Endowment for Blazer Athletics help secure the long-term financial stability of the sports program. For example, a $6 million endowment would yield $300,000 annually for equipment and operations. Running a successful sports program comes with a hefty price tag. Blazer Hockey pays $25,000 to rent ice for the season. One week's worth of tape totals $250. The volleyball team shells out $500 for a volleyball net with antennae. And, if the Blazers wanted to add another sport at the Division III level - like lacrosse - that endeavor would cost around $100,000.

Support Blazer student-athletes and the sports program with a gift to the Sister Lois Wedl Endowment. Gifts can be outright, a pledge payable over a few years, a planned gift, or any combination of these.