Give Saint Ben's

It is our turn. It is up to each of us...

Alums, you are the sisters for the second century.

Parents, you are raising grounded, confident daughters, are our greatest allies in the quest to illuminate the world with powerful, educated Saint Ben's women.

Friends, you fuel the fire and light the way for Bennies today and tomorrow.

We have all been handed a torch, and with your help we can hold it high.

It's up to us to match the passion and dedication that our founding Sisters brought to our first century. One of the ways that meaning comes to light is through giving toward scholarships. Your gift today literally goes to work tomorrow, impacting our current students. Since 9 out of 10 of our students rely on scholarships, there's clearly a need - this year and every year!

Help us light up the world with more strong, educated, confident women.

It's our time to shine.