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Tomorrow Made Possible

What is it?

Tomorrow Made Possible is the campus-wide celebration that marks the symbolic day when tuition stops paying the bills at the college and institutional support, including the generosity of alumnae, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students makes a Saint Ben's education possible.  It is a day where you can show your appreciation to those who make your tomorrow possible, and make it possible for the next generation of Bennies to follow in your footsteps.

When is it?

The 2015 Tomorrow Made Possible Day was celebrated on Tuesday, March 24th 2015 in Gorecki Fireside Lounge.

What do I do?

  1. Sign thank you cards to donors who have made your education possible.
  2. Personally thank faculty and staff who are donors to CSB (they are easy to spot: they wear matching black t-shirts)!
  3. Recognize where your scholarships come from! Your scholarships are supported by gits from others.Gifts from alumnae, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and even fellow students comes back to you and your friends in the form of scholarships.
  4. Learn about philanthropy and the way it impacts our campus! Signs and facts about giving will be all over campus.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Tomorrow Made Possible.

 Use the hashtag #CSBmadepossible to show your gratitude to those who make your Saint Ben's experience possible!