Pink Pig Campaign

 Pink Pig Campaign

What is it?

It's a piggy bank. You know, you put a little in here and there, and before long it all adds up. But, this piggy bank is special. It changes the world. Okay, maybe that's too far, but it will make a direct impact on Saint Ben's students receiving scholarships. Those students, students like YOU, make a difference and change the world. The Pink Pig is the Saint Ben's Annual Giving Campaign mascot who works hard to promote philanthropy among CSB students. The more students who participate in the campaign, the more scholarships are available, and the more YOU benefit from it all. The Pink Pig stands for Bennies to Bennies, Bennies empowering and giving to one another.


The Pink Pig Campaign was developed by the Student Philanthropy Advisory Board to get first-year students involved in philanthropy.  The campaign welcomes new Bennies and introduces them to the importance of giving.

Each CSB first-year student is given a piggy bank at the beginning of the school year. First-years are encouraged to fill their piggy banks with extra change and dollars, and they have the opportunity to empty their piggy banks later in the year.

The Student Philanthropy Advisory Board puts the funds from the piggy banks directly into Current Scholarships. So you, your roommate, your neighbor, your teammate... all have the opportunity to receive this support!

It is hoped that students keep filling their piggy banks during their time at Saint Ben's, continuing to support fellow Bennies in the campus community and themselves.

Feed your Pink Pig Today!