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Grant Recipients



Masinyusane After-School Leadership Program

Brianna Schrankler '12

Mission: To work with the Masinyusane Development Organization in Port Elizabeth, South Africa to advance their after-school leadership program in order to get the youth in the township more involved.  The goal is to support and motivate the youth, so that they may not only see their academic progress, but also see the hope for achieving further success in the future. 


Bosnia and Herzevogina

Bosnia and Herzevogina Youth Social Movement Documentary
Extending the Link

Alivia Tison '13

Mission: To create a completed, quality documentary that highlights the youth social movement in Bosnia and Herzegovia.  Ultimately, to inspire CSB/SJU students and other viewers to take local and global actions to minimize discrimination, as well as to promote peace and tolerance.


Missionvale Care Center, Port Elizabeth, South Africa





Missionvale Care Center

Molly Kalina '13

Mission: To provide the community of Missionvale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with preventive measures such as gloves, sterilized needles, and protective coverings in order to help them combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.



Coming Full Circle: CSB Greenhouse

Coming Full-Circle: 
College of Saint Benedict's Student-run, Solar-powered, Four-season Greenhouse

Jacqueline Carlson '12

Mission:  To help fund building costs for a solar-powered, four-season greenhouse at CSB that will supply goods and services to campus students.  To support a student-run greenhouse that will become a classroom for nutrition, environmental studies, and other classes, such as biology.


Urban Students Empowered for Change

Urban Students Empowered for Change

Tiffany Vang '13

Mission:  To empower youth, especially those from low income families, to make positive social change by teaching them peace building and community organizing skills.  To collaborate with Minneapolis and Saint Paul schools to provide an intensive retreat for students from low income areas, so they may learn how to execute a project to create change in their own communities.      



You are Beautiful 09-10

"You are Beautiful" Workshop

Katie Kenefick '11, Molly Noel '11, and Jenny Wesser '11

Mission:  To create positive self-esteem in middle school-aged girls through an engaging, interactive, multi-media workshop utilizing journals.  To foster positive self-worth that can lead to the creation of a network of support for other women.  To provide the opportunity for girls to become strong, independent women.  

View a photo gallery of the "You are Beautiful" Workshop.


Pendla Project 09-10

Pendla Project

Katie Brown '11

Mission:  To support the elementary school-aged children at Pendla Primary School in South Africa to receive quality education.  To ensure these children are well fed and have an adequate learning environment, by helping to provide lunch meals and chairs for them to sit on during lessons.   


A Simple Treasure 09-10

A Simple Treasure

Chelsea Haugen '12

Mission:  To provide children the opportunity to explore their imaginations and learn the importance of reading and education.  To provide reading materials to children in local communities and abroad through the Naserian Girls Resource Center-Kenya Project.  



Brush and Floss 08-09

Brush and Floss Project

Lindsay Hansen '10 and Megan Kack '10

Mission:  To provide dental hygiene products and awareness to improve individual oral health.  To serve children and adults in Stearns County by providing dental supply kits for them to maintain healthy dental practices.  To expand kit distributions to other counties and countries in the future.


Micro-Lending 08-09

Micro-Lending Project

Andrea Carrow '09 and Ashleigh Leitch '09

Mission:  To gain a greater understanding of the micro-financing concept by conducting research prior to, during, and after the Chilean study abroad program.  To create a professional and inspirational documentary film which explains the micro-financing concept.  To generate awareness of the micro-financing concept on campus, in the local community, and throughout the world, and encourage viewers to participate in the micro-financing process.