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Saint Ben's E-mentor program

The E-mentor program emerged from students' request to have someone they could use as a sounding board to navigate their college years; someone who had been in their shoes and had to face many of the same major choices. The program was created with the understanding of how busy alumnae and students are and also takes into account that alumnae live around the globe and yet still want to be a part of current Bennie's lives.  The goal of the program is that one email from both the mentor and mentee (student) are exchanged each month. 

If you would like to be a part of the program, contact Jessie at or fill out a profile below: 

Student testimonials

Brooke Beyer
I enjoyed this program so much because my mentor experienced the many events, both big and small that take place while gaining a liberal arts education.  Whether it is a stress, concern, or highlight of my week - I share it with my mentor.  Also, sending an email every month is simple and easy.  In the end, I believe that this program has helped me in bettering my communication skills and has helped me find a good mentor and friend.

Allyson Klenke
The best part about the e-mentoring program is being able to talk (write) to someone who has been through some of the same college situations. We have talked about everything from classes, to room selection, to personal family conflicts.  For me it is great to have outside input other than my friends who might have the same opinion as me. It is great to talk to someone who has gone to the same school and hear the things that she did while she was here. I feel pretty close to my e-mentor, and am glad that I have developed a friendship with her...

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