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Dan Barry


Join the University Chair in Critical Thinking, Pottery Studio, Joseph P. Farry Professorship, McCarthy Center, as well as the Literary Arts Institute for this fall's book reading and evening with the author.  Our author and guest is Dan Barry, reporter and columnist for The New York Times.  The book is his most recent story, The Boys in the Bunkhouse.  "In this haunting modern Dickensian story that is a literary tour de force, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Dan Barry chronicles a shameful case of exploitation and abuse in America's heartland, involving a group of developmentally disabled men and the advocates who helped them find justice and reclaim their lives."

This is a luminous work of social justice, told with compassion and compelling detail, The Boys in the Bunkhouse is inspired storytelling. It is a clarion call for vigilance that ensures inclusion and dignity for all-an American tale that holds lasting reverberations for all of us.

Readers of The New York Times know Dan Barry as the author of the The Bottom of the 33rd, his third book.  His first, Pull Me Up: A Memoir (2004) is, in not just my opinion, a masterpiece and, quite simply, one of the most engaging and finely written memoirs I have read.  His second book, City Lights: Stories About New York (2007) was a collection of his "About New York Columns."    Our plan will be to facilitate a summer community reading group, arrange for a student honors reading group and host an informal conversation with Barry in the Pottery.  This event will be a great start to a busy fall semester, with a plan to have Dan Barry on campus September 8. 

Dan Barry is a reporter and columnist for The New York Times, where he has written the "This Land" column since January 2007. Learn more about 'The Boys in the Bunkhouse here.